Twitch streamer Zoie Burgher Topless Stream recording 2018


American vlogger, model, Twitch streamer Zoie Burgher Topless Stream recording 2018

Zoie Burgher, also known as Luxe Zoie, is a Livestreamer and Gamer​. She has also been in several Nude​ Photoshoots​.

Zoie Burgher is from Florida​, and she attended Florida State University​. Her major was International Affairs​, and she spent one summer at Arizona State University​.​ She is no longer attending University​, though she may one day complete her Bachelor of Arts​.

Zoie Burgher considers herself a “bikini-streamer”, bringing Sexuality​ into her Vlogs​. She used to stream for Twitch, though she was banned from the site for what was deemed as overtly sexual content.

Zoie Burgher has over 1,100,000 subscribers on YouTube​. She frequently posts comical Vlogs​ and scripted videos along with IRL Streams​.

In Summer of 2017, Zoie Burgher was selling nude photos on Patreon​ with the following price tiers: “15 a month earns you a Snapchat​ add, $25 unlocks “exclusive booty pics,” $100 for topless shots and a personal video. Her current stretch goal is earmarked to purchase butt implants.”

The primary game she plays is Call of Duty​, though she has ventured into the world of IRL Streaming​, vlogging her daily life.

Luxe Gaming​ is the name of the collective which Burgher created. It is a gaming brand, with both streamers and professional gamers involved. The members are Abigale Mandler​, Kiran, Linda Tena and Zoie Burgher.

She formerly streamed with Celestia Vega​, though she removed her from the stream team after Celestia entered Pornography​. Zoie Burgher has posted many Twerking​ videos on YouTube​ asking for Donations​ to her PayPal​. Zoie Burgher says her channels is committed 70% to titties and 30% gaming. Their Vlogging​ careers generated enough income for them to move in to a large house with a pool.

Twitch streamer Zoie Burgher Topless Stream recording 2018


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