Snapchat Queen Julieanna Goddard YesJulz Sex Tape Leaked


Snapchat Queen Julieanna Goddard YesJulz Sex Tape Leaked

According to Google Trends, the name YesJulz is trending with more than 100,000 searches for terms like YesJulz sex tape and YesJulz sextape coming into Google on Saturday, August 13. The real name of YesJulz is Julieanna Goddard.

YesJulz is best known as an internet personality, with Goddard being dubbed the Snapchat Queen by those who follow her. Beyond folks wanting to know the real name of YesJulz, along with the age of YesJulz — she is 26, according to Fox News — there are now those searching for Goddard’s naked videos and photos.

The social media following of YesJulz will likely grow in the wake of this latest saga of the sex tape. With more than 134,000 followers on Twitter, more than 403,000 Instagram followers — and approximately 300,000 or more followers on the YesJulz Snapchat, which falls under the handle YesJulz, Goddard is creating big buzz online.

The sex video controversy began recently when the Queen of Snapchat was the victim of extortion, reports New York Daily News, after 28-year-old Hencha Voigt and 33-year-old Wesley Victor were arrested. Voigt and Victor tried to get $18,000 out of YesJulz, giving Goddard only 24 hours to pay them — or suffer the wrath of nude photos hitting the web if “YesJulz” didn’t pay the Florida model and her friend, according to the Daily Mail.

Voigt is from the reality TV show WAGS, which stands for wives and girlfriend of sports. She is also a fitness maven — but some commenting on her Instagram account are asking her for the link to the YesJulz sex tape.

YesJulz was sent some of her nude photos, just so the duo could prove that they had naked photos of her. Instead of kowtowing to their demands, Goddard got in touch with authorities. Miami Beach police then acted to arrest the two for trying to extort the social media celebrity, who rose to fame from her promotions of clubs in South Beach, like LIV and Story.

Not only did Voigt and Victor have naked photos of YesJulz, they also claimed to have sex videos of YesJulz, with the South Florida residents issuing threats to leak them all online. YesJulz was credited with outsmarting the folks who tried to extort her — perhaps not realizing that extortion was illegal — but somehow it appears that the YesJulz sex tape has been leaked online anyway, at least according to the searches Google is tracking — and the websites actually publishing the sex videos.

Also, according to the Instagram account of YesJulz, the sex tape leaked was one that she made with an ex-boyfriend.

“I am devastated that this video was intentionally leaked. It was an old tape I made previously with an ex-boyfriend over a year ago. It wasn’t my choice for this to be shared and I am taking all legal action necessary. And although I was violated and exploited, I will not let this destroy me. I have worked too hard and have far more to accomplish. I thank those of my friends and peers who have offered support. I am ready to move on and ask everyone to respect my privacy and do that same.”

As seen on the Google Trends report, people are doing anything but moving on. Instead, Google is reporting the “breakout” terms being searched for in relation to the sex tape. Those “YesJulz” queries include those searching for YesJulz moan and AKA Rambo (Diego Ramos) and Julz tape. Googlers are also searching for the exact YesJulz tape link and all sorts of related queries.

Meanwhile, comments of support and criticism and coming into social media about the YesJulz sex tape leak.

Queen of Snapchat Yes Julz Leaked Sex Tape

Snapchat Queen Julieanna Goddard YesJulz Sex Tape Leaked

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Twitter Reacts to Snapchat Queen YesJulz Moaning Sex Tape

Yes Julz is a Director of Vibes. She came up in Miami, Florida being a hostess at a strip club. She has a bangin body, athletes love her. She started off as a party promoter in Tampa, Florida then later moved into Miami’s nightlife curating and producing her own shows. Her party “Best Day Ever Miami” blew up. Her partner started “model volleyball” where they have models play volleyball against each other.


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