Scandal Sex Xu Song Yan and Wang Feng Sex Tape Rumor


Scandal Sex Xu Song Yan and Wang Feng Sex Tape Rumor

Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi is angry at the recent sex tape rumor involving her husband Wang Feng, who denied the allegation on Tuesday.

A video clip and several images allegedly linked to veteran rocker Wang Feng and singer Xu Geyang, the girl that Wang is going to mentor in the reality singing contest show “Sing! China.” In the clip, a woman who looks very much like Xu was having sex with a man who didn’t show his face but the caption said it was Wang.

Zhang Ziyi angry at Wang Feng’s sex tape rumor

Wang Feng’s studio swiftly issued a statement to denounce the rumor widely circulated on the internet.

“Someone maliciously spread erotic images and a video on Weibo and WeChat, which extremely harmed Mr. Wang Feng’s reputation, we have to make it clear that Mr. Wang Feng has nothing to do with the images and the video,” the statement reads, adding that the studio has handed this issue over to the lawyers and will find anyone responsible for making up this rumor.

Zhang Ziyi, who gave birth to a baby girl Xing Xing with Wang, responded to the rumor on her Weibo account this morning, “The evil perpetrator’s bottom line now is so low, it is beyond our imagination. To Xing’s daddy, let me know who smears us when you find out; Xing’s mum will personally take care of him or her.”

The TV show “Sing! China” also issued an official statement denying the woman in the video is Xu Geyang by comparing the places of tattoos on the two’s bodies. They said they had already called the police, and will sue those involved, including some media outlets, for slander and spreading the vicious rumor.

Today, the net transfer their student Wang Feng Xu Song Yang indecent photos and video immediately occupied bed hot microblogging search. Subsequently, Wang Feng studio immediately responded and issued a statement saying that pictures and videos are nothing to do with Mr. Wang Feng himself, it is a malicious rumor.




【汪峰学员徐歌阳28秒不雅视频事件种子资源下载 全裸双手捂奶表情销魂截图】近日,网上流传一段不雅视频,而视频的女主角竟然神似《中国新歌声》汪峰的学员徐歌阳,尺度非常的不堪入目。




Scandal Sex Xu Song Yan and Wang Feng Sex Tape Rumor

veteran rocker Wang Feng

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Wang Feng (Chinese: 汪峰; born June 29, 1971) is a Chinese rock musician and composer. He was the founder and lead vocals of the rock band No. 43 Baojia Street (named after the street address of the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing). He also composed the music for Wang Xiaoshuai’s 2001 film Beijing Bicycle.

After two albums No. 43 Baojia Street (1997) and No. 43 Baojia Street 2 (1998), he signed a solo contract with Warner Music Beijing Co., Ltd. The third album Fireworks (2000) was the beginning of his solo career. With a number of songs like Flying Higher (飞得更高) (2004), and Blooming Life (怒放的生命) (2005) on his following albums, Wang Feng entered the media spotlight and became popular in Mainland China. His 2009 album Belief Flies in the Wind won him an award as the Most Popular Male Singer on the Chinese Mainland at the Channel V’s 14th Chinese Music Awards. He is also a coach on The Voice of China, a TV show which helped him gain immense popularity.

Wang Feng was born in Beijing to a musician’s family. Under his father’s command, Wang started practicing violin when he was five years old. He attended the middle school attached to the Central Conservatory of Music at the age of eleven. Wang did not understand the purpose of playing violin, or why he had to stay home practising while other kids of his age could play outside. At the age of 14, for the first time in his life, Wang realized the beauty of music through a piece composed by Tchaikovsky. After that experience, Wang decided to pursue music for the rest of his life.

By the age of 17 Wang started listening to Rock music. Wang studied in the Chinese Central Conservatory of Music majoring in violin and viola. In his college years Wang joined the Chinese Youth Orchestra and performed overseas. In his senior year in college (1994), Wang and his friends formed the band No. 43 Baojia Street.


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