Russian beauty Настя Рыбка Nastya Rybka sex in middle of Moscow


Russian beauty Настя Рыбка (Анастасия Вашукевич) Nastya Rybka sex in middle of Moscow

Porn star first pictures of the randy Russian beauty who was filmed having sex in middle of Moscow. The shameless pair were filmed having sex in the middle of Russian capital Moscow by their giggling pal.

A horny Russian who was filmed having sex in the middle of a city centre has been jailed for the brazen act.

The shameless pair were filmed having sex in the middle of Russian capital Moscow by their giggling pal in the early hours in footage which was released online shortly after.

Russian media identified the woman in the video only as 23-year-old Sasha.

Настя Рыбка Nastya Rybka having sex in middle of Moscow

The explicit clip filmed by the couple’s female friend shows Sasha having sex with an unidentified man.

She can be seen with her knickers pulled down, leaning forward to grab the railings by the river with the man behind her.

Sasha is wearing stockings and keeps her top on, while her partner is wearing jeans and a jacket throughout.

Another man can be seen standing watching a few dozen feet away.

The camerawoman’s instructions to Sasha hint at the staged nature of the encounter, as she asks: “Sasha, would you stretch out your leg on the railing?”

The woman tries but can be heard moaning: “I can’t.”

The man asks: “Maybe I should stop? Or should I not?”

Sasha says: “No, you should not!”

The camerawoman continues: “Here are our audience.

“There are more people coming, this is the perfect way to gather a crowd in the morning.”

The video ends after Sasha and her partner have finished with three other men sauntering up to the pair, and it is not clear what happened next.

The footage was uploaded online, leading to police opening an investigation.

Officers say that as a result of delving into the case, they identified a number of people involved including Alexander Kirillov, also known as Alex Lesley as a main witness and two women named as Anastasia Davydova and Anastasia Vashukevich, who made the video.

Police said one of the Anastasias goes under a nickname of Sasha Travka, while the other one is known as Nastya Rybka to friends.

Both women were sentenced to seven days behind bars for their actions with Kirillov still awaiting sentencing.

Настя Рыбка (Анастасия Вашукевич) — подопечная сутенёра Алекса Лесли, засветившаяся в проведении оргий. Именует себя «добровольной наложницей» (как и Саша Травка).

Родилась в 1990 году в Белоруссии.

Как минимум с 2016 года связана с фигурантом уголовных дел — Алексом Лесли из Белоруссии.

В сентябре 2017 года была арестована в Москве «за участие в секс-оргиях».



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