Miss Russia 2009 Sofia Rudieva Naked Photos Leaked


Miss Russia 2009 Sofia Rudieva Naked Photos Leaked

Russia’s next supermodel and the model that has been called “the most beautiful woman in Russia” is in the midst of a nude picture scandal. Sofia Rudieva a.k.a. Sofia Rudeva was crowned Miss Russia 2009 in March, becoming the successor in a long line of beautiful Russian women to win that title. By late March, Russian tabloids leaked pictures of Miss Rudieva in erotic poses. And by erotic, I’m talking about topless and bottomless in sexy poses. Competition rules say that candidates should not appear in pornographic pictures or videos. So Sofia Rudieva is to be dethroned due to the nude pictures after the scandal exploded in the Russian media. The nude photos of Sofia Rudieva were leaked online right after she won the crown but it is believed they were originally published on the online version of Perfect 10 magazine a before year.

Newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda republished a complete set of photos, in which the Russian beauty queen is fully exposing her breasts. In other photos, she is completely nude and not the modest Russian girl. Komsomolskaya Pravda daily writes that Sofia Rudyeva was photographed a while ago for US “Perfect 10” magazine, an edition that specializes in nude pictures. Her photos appeared on the Internet and firstly only paid customers were able to see them. But after Sofia Rudyeva became the most beautiful woman in Russia, they are now available for everybody. When the photos were republished, the gossiper started to say that the model possibly shot a porno films. Meanwhile the “adult” films producer from St. Petersburg Bob Jack said that he had never worked with the beauty.

This scandal has rocked the Miss Russia Pageant, and a decision was made to strip Rudeva of her crown, with the title now falling to runner-up Svetlana Stepankovskaya. Miss Stepankovskaya has plenty of erotic photos herself, posing in Maxim among other magazines, but none of the nude variety. At least not that anyone knows of. Give the tabloids some time and see what they come up with. Although the decision was made to to take the title away, but so far she has not yet been “officially” banned from the pageant pending appeal. And is to represent Russia at the international Miss Universe and Miss World beauty contests. Sofia’s father says he didn’t know anything about her photo shoot. He claimed the model’s virginity just several days ago.

Sofia Rudieva Miss Russia 2009 Naked Photos Leaked

Miss Russia 2009 Sofia Rudieva Nude 13

Miss Russia 2009 Sofia Rudieva Nude 14

Miss Russia 2009 Sofia Rudieva Nude 12

Miss Russia 2009 Sofia Rudieva Nude 11

Miss Russia 2009 Sofia Rudieva Nude 10

Miss Russia 2009 Sofia Rudieva Nude 9

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Miss Russia 2009 Sofia Rudieva Nude

Sofia Andreyevna Rudieva (Russian: София Андреевна Рудьева; born 15 November 1990) is a Russian actress, model and beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss Russia 2009.

Sofia Rudieva was born in 1990 in Leningrad, now Saint Petersburg, to Andrey Rudiev and Tatyana Rudieva, a family of artists. At first, she wanted to follow her parents’ path, and studied at an art school for 10 years in her childhood. She then studied acting, until she became more confident in her beauty and joined a modelling agency when she was 15. Her parents separated when she was 12 years old, and she chose to stay with her father. She graduated from high school in 2008, and is planning to study at a university in the future. Prior to her crowning as Miss Russia 2009, she had already several years of experience in modeling business and had taken part in a number of professional fashion shows.

In March, 2009, she won the Miss Russia 2009 pageant, and was awarded with a $100,000 prize. She said she would donate most of her prize money to charity, for helping homeless animals.

After her victory, she was named Russia’s representative in the Miss Universe 2009 contest, which was to be held in the Bahamas in August, 2009. She said that she was preparing seriously for the occasion, by taking more training in modelling and acting, doing sports and working to improve her already good English even further.

Sofia has said she feels that winning the crown to Russia would be important for her country. Being asked about the unique characteristics of Russian women, she replied: “I strongly believe that Russian women are strong in spirit. They can be both very strong and energetic on the one hand and tender and sweet wives and caring mothers, on the other. The Russian mother is the best in the world.”

The Miss Universe 2009 crown was won by Venezuela’s Stefania Fernandez. Russia, Ukraine and Poland did not make it to the final 15.


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