Romanian TV Actress Alina Plugaru Hardcore Video


Alina Plugaru is the most famous porn actress from Romania. Newspapers TV and magazines have called Porn Queen.

She was born on December 18, 1987 in Vaslui, Romania. At age 15 beautiful Romanian woman decided to pursue a career in modeling and moved to Bucharest. From the day she turned 16 she began working as an entertainer in erotic shows. She danced two years in the country, becoming known, until a visit to a movie set piqued interest in the porn industry. Alina Plugaru began her acting career in 2006 porn immediately after she turned 18, the actor and director Zenza Raggi. This scene was included in the film appeared on DVD in 2007: The Best Of Hardcore Fucking 4 and Girls Handling Cocks. Since then, she has appeared in over 20 films.

Cheerleaders at 16 years, Alina continues to erotic shows in Romania and other countries. She likes to dance and interact with fans. In the last few years is a permanent guest at the most important European erotic exhibitions as Eros Show Bucharest International Film Festival of Barcelona Erotic (FICEB) Lisbon International Erotic Festival (SIEL), Porto Eros, Eros Eros & Amore Vienna Show Sofia.

In the past two years Alina Plugaru was named Best Actress XXX Erotic Industry Awards (PIER 2008? I PIER 2009). Awards recognize her contribution to the development in erotic industry.

In her free time prefer to skate, sleep and try new things. She traveled to many places on Globs is passionate about discovering new and interesting places to visit. The destination for a vacation to Bora Bora is Alina. Her passion for music led her to the discovery of another hobby: downmix. She started mixing pleasure parties in 2005 to friends and intend to start a career under the name DJ Topless.

In March 2009 was chosen ideal woman Alina from Romania and nearly one quarter (24.69) of internet visitors voted for her in a poll online. When asked about her future plans she responds as yet does not think about that.
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Porn Queen Alina Plugaru

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Romanian TV Actress Alina Plugaru Hardcore Video

Alina Plugaru (born December 18, 1987) is a Romanian entrepreneur and former pornographic film actress, who has been called the Romanian “The Queen of Porn”. She started acting in erotic videos in 2006, after having worked as a stripper and model.



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