Reality Star Althea ‘Thi Thi’ Heart Althea Eaton Naked Photos Leaked


Reality Star Althea ‘Thi Thi’ Heart Althea Eaton Naked Photos Leaked. Althea Eaton is the girlfriend of Benzino, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

Reality Star Althea Eaton Naked Photos Leaked

During this season of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” multiple cast members claimed to have dirt on Benzino’s new fiancée, Althea Heart. Now, it appears that several skeletons from her closet are taking center stage. Yesterday, we told you that Stevie J leaked a photo of a nude Althea posing in a bathtub apparently preparing to give a man, who she later identified as Benzino, fellatio. Shortly after releasing the photos, Stevie expressed that there would be more photos to come.

However, if she’s planning on lashing out each time a new image leaks, then she her work cut out for her. Baller Alert recently received some photos from an “anonymous” source and things aren’t looking so good for Althea. In one photo, she can be seen posing completely nude while bent over a kitchen counter.

And then, there’s the sex tape. The sender was sure to specify that the man in the video is not her current fiancé, Benzino. It’s currently unclear if Stevie is behind the video leak, but we wouldn’t be surprised to learn that he’s the culprit. As you may recall, Benzino took to social media to defend Althea against fans who were blasting her for her alleged promiscuous past. It’ll be interesting to see if he continues to stand by her with these recent developments.

Additional Nude Photos And Sex Tape Featuring LHHATL’s Althea Heart Leak To The Web

Reality Star Althea Eaton Naked Photos Leaked



Reality Star Althea ‘Thi Thi’ Heart Naked Photos Leaked

Reality Star Althea Thi Thi Heart Naked Photos Leaked







Leaked Sex Tape of Althea Heart Cheating On Benzino

Benzino fiance, Althea Heart, from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s exposed having sex with another man.


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