Nigerian actress Yetide Badaki Nude in American Gods (2017) Leaked


Nigerian actress (Sequestered 2015) Yetide Badaki Nude in American Gods (2017) s01e01 Leaked

Yetide Badaki (as Bilquis) naked from American Gods (2017) s01e01. Bilquis bares tits, ass, and some brief bush while getting banged by Paunch (Joel Murray), whom she eventually sucks up into her pussy!

Nigerian actress Yetide Badaki Nude in American Gods (2017) Leaked

Yetide Badaki is a Nigerian actress. She portrayed Keira on Sequestered, and currently portrays Bilquis on American Gods.

Yetide was born in Ibadan, Nigeria but moved to England for three years when she was three. Yetide is a graduate of McGill University with a major in English Literature (Theater) and a minor in Environmental Science. Yetide also has a Master of Fine Arts in Theatre from Illinois State University.

Yetide received a 2006 Jeff Award nomination for Best Actress in a Principal Role (Play) for I Have Before Me a Remarkable Document Given to Me by a Young Lady from Rwanda. Yetide has received rave reviews for her portrayal of Bilquis on American Gods. The character of Bilquis has had its role in the story expanded for the television series.


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