Miss Sprint Cup Paige Duke Nude Photos Leaked


Paige Duke has the title of Miss Sprint Cup which is some NASCAR thing. Nude photos of her was recently leaked and even though I’ve never heard of her before I don’t need excuse to see nude pics of a hot girl!

No matter what you think about NASCAR’s ability to entertain, its merits as a sport, or the intelligence of its die-hard fans, you can’t really ever go wrong with fast cars, beer, and hotties in the summertime. Emphasis on the hotties, because this years’ Miss Sprint Cup winner Paige Duke, 24, is Bridgestone-on-a-left-turn hot.

But back when she was 18 and just a freshman at Clemson, she sent some naked photos to her then-boyfriend. And as these photos tend to do, they were forwarded and reforwarded until they emerged this week on an internet forum and all hell broke loose. Unfortunately for Paige, the years old leaked nude photos violated Sprint’s so-called “morality code,” and she was fired from her gig as a traveling reporter/eye candy.

To which we say: seriously, Sprint? You hire a gorgeous girl whose job responsibilities are “be hot” and then you fire her for being too hot? What, did you receive truckloads of strongly-worded letters from concerned NASCAR enthusiasts who thought Paige’s hot boobs had given the sport a black eye? Did they threaten to cancel their data plans over it?

Miss Sprint Cup Paige Duke Nude Photos Leaked

Miss Sprint Cup Paige Duke Nude Photos Leaked





Paige Duke is a former Miss Sprint Cup, model, actress and spokes person. Paige loves to hunt, fish and ride horses. She loves animals and is a skilled veterinary assistant. She started working as a Skoal girl and loved traveling to the different tracks and meeting so many great people.


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