Miss Russia 2006 Tatiana Kotova Naked sexy leaked


Miss Russia 2006 Tatiana Kotova Naked sexy leaked

Naked Tatiana Kotova is the star of the men’s magazine. Tatiana Kotova is a 32-year-old ex-soloist of groups VIA Gra, Queens, film actress, dancer. The girl knows how to remind herself.

Another Issue of Maxim Russia will be available to the public with naked Tatiana on the cover, and it’s all for a reason. Kotova has recorded a new song and now she’s ready for a promotion her beautiful naked body almost like during the fappening

Miss Russia 2006 Tatiana Kotova Naked sexy leaked

Tatiana Nikolaevna Kotova (Russian: Татьяна Николаевна Котова, September 3, 1985, pos. Sholokhov, Rostov region, USSR) – Russian singer, actress, television personality, winner of the title “Miss Russia 2006”, former soloist of Ukrainian female pop group Nu Virgos.

Tatyana Kotova, majoring in economics and crisis manager. In 2006 she won the title of Miss Russia and had the opportunity to represent Russia in the contests Miss World 2007 and Miss Universe 2007. Tatiana was one of the favorites in the Miss Universe 2007, but did not reach the semi-finals. Tatiana Kotova is the third Russian to participate in both Miss Universe and Miss World after Anna Malova and Svetlana Goreva.

From March 2008 to April 2010 she was a soloist of the pop-band Nu Virgos, replacing Vera Brezhneva. She currently works in a solo career.


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