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Miss Norway Contestant Aylar Lie Sex Clip


Aylar Lie (21) arrived in Norway as a political refugee from Iran when she was 2 years old. Today she works as a highly successful glamour model in Norway. Her life was not always very bright, however. She grew up in a orphanage and a foster home, and her dad was in prison for stabbing her mom. Her mother was a drug abuser, and introduced Aylar for drug abuse and porn when Aylar visited her in Los Angeles, where her mother had moved. After this, Aylar lived several years a life on the dark side, where drug abuse and porn became a part of her everyday life. Aylar, or Sharareh Dianato which was her name at the time, ended up as a mental patient at the Cider Cyner Mental Hospital in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles.

Aylar Lie is most known as the Miss Norway-contestant who was disqualified for being a former porn star, which is not allowed in the contest. She told that it was her twin sister, and not her who had been in the porn movies, but the Miss Norway board was not that easily fooled, and they disqualified her. Today Aylar is known as a “glamour model” or just “model”, and she has an almost Paris Hilton-esque gift for making hullaballoo around herself. For instance:

” – Robbie and I had sex while Lene was watching, says Aylar to Se og Hør.

(Aylar about Robbie Williams and Lene Alexandra Øien) Source: TV2 Nettavisen

People want bread and circus and porn, and Aylar is giving them at least two of the things. The quote above is from an intervju in the largest showbiz-magazine in Norway (Se & Hør). After a celebrity-party, she told the press that she ended up in a little orgie with her friend Lene Alexandra and Robbie Williams at his hotel suite. Robbie Williams later told that this was a crude lie, when attending a large Norwegian TV-show (Først & Sist). Aylar and Lene Alexandra had made it all up, just for publicity.

In december 2004, Aylar was photographed nude in the middle of Karl Johan, the main street in Oslo, Norway. The pictures were meant to appear in the Aylar Calendar, expected to be released the same year. The calendar was a fiasco, according to long delivery time. Today, however, Aylar is selling the calendar on her website, aylar.no.

Aylar has been on the front page of both The Sun, FHM, Vi Menn, Autofil (magasinet) and Natt & Dag. Usually she appears with few clothes, but not necessarily nude.

In 2004 Aylar appeared in the Norwegian band WE’s music video “Sassy Zazie”, which was nominated “Best Video” in the prestigeous Oslo-price, arranged by the Norwegian lifestyle magazine Natt & Dag. According to her own website, Aylar is quite a WE-fan.

Aylar Dianati Lie – Most popular celebrity

According to TV2 Nettavisen Aylar was one of the most popular celebrities in Norway in 2005. She was one the most searched Norwegian person, and is still going strong in the search engines.

Miss Norway Contestant Aylar Lie

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Miss Norway Contestant Aylar Lie Sex Clip

Aylar Dianati Lie (Persian: آیلار لی‎; born 12 February 1984) is a Norwegian actress and model of Iranian descent and former pornographic actress. She is currently working in the music industry as a music video actress and singer, having featured in several of Swedish DJ Basshunter’s music videos. She became famous after participating in the Norwegian “Big Brother”. Due to a turbulent domestic situation she was taken away from her parents and grew up in foster care. She speaksNorwegian, Persian and English fluently.



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