Marines United Scandal – Swapping nude photos in Navy and Marine Corps now a crime


Marines United Scandal – Swapping nude photos in Navy and Marine Corps now a crime

Navy and Marine Corps Crack Down on Nude Photo Sharing After Scandal.

Swapping nude photos in the Navy and Marine Corps is now a crime after revenge porn Facebook group scandal

  • Navy and Marines officially ban service members from posting nude photos
  • Rule change comes in response to last month’s ‘Marines United’ scandal
  • Military discovered that female soldiers had their nude photos shared online
  • Scandal sparked outrage and demands for military to implement changes

The United States Navy and Marine Corps have officially outlawed posting nude photos of service members online.

The two military branches criminalized the swapping of nude photos in response to the recent scandal in which former and current service members created a Facebook page that featured pictures of naked female soldiers.

The rule change was first reported by Navy Times.

Soldiers, you may swap sexy stuffs of your peers, but you are always welcome to share something like this…

The revised regulation states that soldiers who post nude pictures will be prosecuted in military court if they do so ‘with the intent to realize personal gain; with the intent to humiliate, harm, harass, intimidate, threaten, or coerce the depicted person; or with reckless disregard as to whether the depicted person would be humiliated, harmed, intimidated, threatened, or coerced.’

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Military girls nude photos leaked

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