Larissa Riquelme Topless In Nothing But G-String And Lingerie For H Para Hombres Magazine


Larissa Riquelme Topless In Nothing But G-String And Lingerie For H Para Hombres Magazine

Now look at that, Larissa Riquelme really know how to do a tits and ass spread! The 2010 FIFA World Cup is history and even though Spain won the title, I think the biggest winner of them all could definitely be declared as Larissa Riquelme. After becoming one of the most searched-for persons on the Internet, she was named “Girlfriend of the World Cup” by Marca, the largest Spanish newspaper. With her topless pictures in high demand, Larissa Riquelme sexy Latina ass is now as famous as any model. We didn’t even knew anything about her until last month and… but since she showed her cleavage in support of her native country, Paraguay, and it’s World Cup hopes, everyone is getting to know her better. And by “getting to know her better” I really mean seeing every inch of her body.

Larissa seem to be everywhere now with her tits at the center of attention. She got AXE sponsorship painted on her tits and was paid to carry around a Nokia phone in her cleavage. And Larissa Riquelme is still cashing in on her new found World fame by posing topless for the August 2010 issue of H Para Hombres magazine Mexico. And yes, Larissa is busting out her see-through lingerie in the hot spread. Wearing nothing but a barely there g-string with her twins fully exposed, Larissa is dealing the goods right. This Paraguayan pinup really know how to put her tits on display and her ass for that matter. Just look at that thong disappear between those sweet cheeks. Anyway, here are the extremely hot Larissa Riquelme topless pictures showing her groovy body for her worldwide fans. The Wolrd Cup maybe over but Larissa is still heating up the Internet with her boobs.

Paraguayan model and actress Larissa Riquelme nude for H Para Hombres Magazine

Paraguayan model and actress Larissa Riquelme nude for H Para Hombres Magazine

Larissa Mabel Riquelme Frutos, usually known as Larissa Riquelme (born 22 February 1985) is a Paraguayan model and actress from Asunción. She is one of the highest-paid models in Paraguay.

A famous model and actress in Paraguay, Riquelme rose to international prominence during the 2010 FIFA World Cup. A supporter of both the Paraguay national football team and the club Cerro Porteño, she was first pictured in international media celebrating a goal during the game between Paraguay and Slovakia with her Nokia mobile phone between her breasts and she was wearing a t-shirt with Paraguay’s colors (as part of a promotion for a mobile phone company). Riquelme is the face of the deodorant brand Axe in Paraguay and at a later Paraguay game in the World Cup she was also seen with the word “Axe” written on her chest as advertising for the deodorant brand.

After becoming one of the most searched people on the Internet, she was named “World Cup’s Girlfriend” by Marca, the largest Spanish sports newspaper. She was also described as the most famous fan of the World Cup.

Following her rise to fame, and after Argentinian coach Diego Maradona promised to run naked through Buenos Aires if Argentina won the 2010 World Cup, Riquelme matched the offer and promised that she would run naked (wearing only body paint in the colors of Paraguay) through Asunción if Paraguay won the World Cup, or even if they reached the semi-finals by beating Spain. Paraguay eventually lost its match against Spain, but Riquelme announced that she would fulfill her promise anyway, a promise that she kept. That same year, Riquelme did a nude pictorial for the September 2010 issue of Playboy Brazil. In 2011, Riquelme made a similar offer to pose nude on the football pitch if Paraguay were to win the 2011 Copa América, however they were defeated 3-0 in the final against Uruguay.

Apart from modeling and acting, Riquelme has also participated in Bailando por un Sueño, the Argentinian version of Dancing with the Stars.


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