HearthStone gamer NovaPatra Masturbates on Twitch Live Stream


Chinese HearthStone gamer NovaPatra Masturbates on Twitch Live Stream

Nova Patra was live broadcasting for 6 hours, then she said goodbye to her audience. However, the broadcast didn’t end there. After a pause, pretty girl got dressed, went on adult site and began to masturbate. View screenshots and uncensored videos! NovaPatra is a Chinese Hearthstone streamer.

HearthStone gamer NovaPatra Masturbates on Twitch Live Stream










Novapatra; gaming girl from gaming stream platform Twitch. She makes the mistake of thinking that she had already turned her stream off. She comes back horny and in need to masturbate. Little does she know that her stream was never turned off! She goes searching for her favorite porn and she faps like no one is watching in the comfort of her privacy.

Chinese HearthStone gamer NovaPatra Masturbates on Twitch Live Stream

Nova Patra is a pornographic actress and video game streamer. She creates unique content on new media types, combining multiple media forms, including webcam and videogame screen-captures.

Some of Nova Patra’s videos are meant to give the illusion of candidness when in fact they are cleverly orchestrated by Nova Patra. This is similar to certain scripted forms of reality television. The synchrony of screen-captured videogame streams with a video of herself in a webcam differentiate her from the typical webcam actress. Nova Patra simultaneously streams her videogame activity and her sexual activity, offering a unique perspective for the viewer.

Nova describes herself as “the new-age Cleopatra who elevates collective consciousness as an unconventional rebellious content creator” on her Twitter. Nova has had a boyfriend for over eight years. Although Nova is bisexual, the only man that she has sex with is her partner. She engages in polyamory, although only with other women.

She has faced harsh criticisms for her career in sexual entertainment- a form of degradation known as slut-shaming. Nova has responded to some of the criticisms by tweeting:

“Giving sexual visuals in front of a webcam is not the same as being sexually touched or seen in person. […] I went for it and decided to live a free + creative life so I have the space to spread love + light to those who cross paths with [me]”.

Her videos gained notoriety by creating a new syncretism of media forms. The entertainment value provided by Nova lies in the fact that she blurs the lines between reality and fiction. One of her films shows Nova’s adventures after being trapped inside of a videogame. She is pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a pornographic actress, stating that she sells “pixels”, not sex. Nova’s tantric tantric sex magic is carried out and shared via technology, and she aims to do so with pride.

Nova Patra’s channel on the videogame streaming site Twitch.tv was shut down after she did a prank where she pretended to accidentally filmed herself masturbating during a videogame stream. 

Nova was doing a regular videogame stream and said bye to her fans. She pretended to forget to turn off her webcam and went on to masturbate while still streaming.

The channel was shut down and now says, “The community has closed this channel due to terms of service violations.”


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