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New nude photos of Gia Genevieve naked by Terry Richardson. Great natural tits! Gia Genevieve is a model from Pasadena, California, US

Gia Genevieve is a pin-up and glamour model from California who appears on the cover of the March 2015 issue of Playboy. Growing up she often was teased by classmates for her curves. She eventually learned that being skinny “wasn’t the only body type that could be beautiful” and embraced her figure.

Throughout her life Gia was fascinated with the pinup models of the 1940s and 1950s. She says two of her idols are Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield because, “They made sexuality something not to be ashamed of but to be embraced.”

This inspired her to pursue her own career in modeling. She says, “Pinup is something you do because you love it, not because you are looking to make money or get famous.” In addition to Playboy, she’s also worked for Ponyboy, Steve Madden and Galore.

In addition to appearing on the cover, Gia also appeared in a special lingerie photo spread in the magazine. Renowned photographer Ellen von Unwerth shot Gia for Playboy. It’s appropriate that she took part in a lingerie photo shoot because Gia hopes to one day launch her own line. She told Playboy, “The tease of what’s underneath is so much more exciting than seeing a woman nude.”

Gia doesn’t like going to the gym to keep her perfect hourglass figure but loves wearing corsets. She says, “There’s something about the restriction of being tied up and how it forms the most beautiful shape on my body.” She also prefers a more retro look than other models. In an interview she said, “I can turn a simple black cocktail dress into something so much more by just putting on a broach and red lipstick and throwing some victory rolls into my hair. Just those little touches will make me stand out.”

Can’t say we disagree.

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