Former ‘Big Brother’ star Lisa Appleton See Through 2018


Former ‘Big Brother’ star Lisa Appleton See Through enjoys poolside her Latin American holiday, 02/28/2018.

Lisa Appleton is a housemate from Big Brother 9.

One half of the first ever summer Big Brother couple, Lisa is dating fellow new housemate Mario. The former bodybuilder is a fitness and health fanatic who teaches fitness classes alongside her regular job as a sales rep for tanning products. She is also involved in charity fundraising.

Lisa’s the proud mother of an 18-year-old daughter, and has a spiritual side – she believes in reincarnation, life after death, clairvoyants, ghosts, spirit guides, and universal dynamics. Lisa met Mario three years ago when she bought a crystal ball from him on ebay and met up with him to collect it. She says the most significant event in her life was when Mario pawned his Rolex to buy her a boob job.

Lisa says she’s often likened to Xena Warrior Princess, and says she’s “like a magnet exerting powerful attraction”. A “punk rocker” at age 11, she later developed an interest in archaeology at age 13, even going along to local excavations to help out. She wants to be in the Big Brother house to unlock her inhibitions and to test herself, and would be very happy if she found the boyband Westlife in the House so she could have a bath with them.

On Day 1, along with Mario, Stephanie, and Luke, Lisa was given a secret mission to hide her relationship with fellow housemate Mario; failure to do so would result in automatic nomination. On Day 4, the housemates discovered her relationship and Mario and Lisa were subsequently nominated for failing the task. On Day 9, she survived the public vote and Stephanie was evicted. Lisa did not face the public vote again until Week 11. She faced the public vote alongside Nicole and Sara. On Day 79, Lisa survived the public vote and Nicole was evicted from the House. The following week, face-to-face nominations took place putting Sara and Lisa up for eviction once again. On Day 84, Sara and Lisa played the prisoner’s dilemma and shared £50,000. Lisa was the eleventh housemate to be evicted on Day 86 with 52.6% of the public vote.

Former ‘Big Brother’ star Lisa Appleton See Through 2018


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