Disgraced Nintendo Pedo Alison Rapp naked photos leaked


Disgraced former product marketing specialist for Nintendo Alison Rapp naked photos leaked

Disgraced Nintendo Pedo Alison Rapp naked photos leaked

Alison Rapp is a disgraced former product marketing specialist for Nintendo. She rose to infamy in late February 2016 when people discovered her thesis paper written for Augsburg College advocating the legalization of child pornography. There was notable public outrage over her position. Alison’s opponents claimed that a child pornography advocate should not work in a toy company. Alison’s allies contended that her personal beliefs should not matter, and that this was merely a coordinated GamerGate attack to remove a woman from the video games industry. Members of GamerGate denied the outrage stemmed from them, but her employment was terminated regardless on March 30th, 2016. Nintendo’s official reason for letting her go cited her moonlighting as a model on the side, not the opinion on child pornography.

On April 10th, 2016, users on the Kiwi Farms broke the story that her moonlighting was actually career prostitution. Many nude photos of her surfaced from her Maria Mint website offering her services. Alison later took down the site after the story broke.

The controversy over Alison Rapp and her career appears to have started with a Medium article explaining her connection to child pornography advocacy. From there, many other outlets took the news, while other outlets such as Kotaku defended it. As the event came to a head, Jamie Walton of the Wayne Foundation tweeted that she had reported Rapp to her supervisors and that they would take action. This triggered aggression from Alison’s proponents, who claimed Walton had either been tricked by, or was an active part of, GamerGate.


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