Colombian-born actress Erika Marquez Leaked The Fappening naked sexy


Colombian-born actress, TV star (Protagonistas de novela), singer-songwriter, instrumentalist, designer Erika Marquez Leaked The Fappening naked sexy

Erika (“Jem”) Marquez – known professionally as “Super Jem” – is a bilingual Colombian-born actress, singer-songwriter, instrumentalist, and designer. Super Jem sings original pop-rock and soul fluently in both Spanish and English. Her first album “La Licuadora” is available NOW on iTunes – with a second album currently in development. Jem has been starring in TV and stage work (worldwide) since childhood. In Spanish, Jem has been well known as a stage actress in numerous plays with the National Theater in Colombia, and as a television actress in Colombia on Caracol TV and RCN TV, and for other major media outlets in Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, and USA.

In 2007 her life changed completely when she landed her dreams and career upon New York City to study music and acting for stage and screen, quickly improving her English language skills – and of course: her American accent. She has since appeared on ABC Television (“NY22″), on Japanese TV’s Gyoten News, as well as on Telemundo’s ‘Alla te Espero.” Jem first gained international televised fame in South America – notably throughout her native Colombia – for starring in several telenovela TV shows, rocketing to local notoriety as a co-star of her country’s first “Big Brother”-style reality show.

Since arriving in NYC in 2007 Super Jem’s various English language credits include starring roles as a Cabaret emcee, a television, film, and voiceover actress, and as a performer-host at the legendary New York City nightclub “The Box.” Now her #1 job is starring in her own original music videos (and films), while attaining the lifelong dream-goal of touring an ever-evolving stage show for her debut original album “La Licuadora” across America.

Considered a local and international fashion, music, and nightlife muse, Jem continues to inspire countless photographers, designers, musicians and culture makers around the globe through her constant energetic love, gratitude, fashions, attitude, and creative generosity.

Known throughout Spain (Madrid/Ibiza), South America, and New York City for her unique and iconic style & design taste, Jem styles and custom-creates her own character and image with original, vintage, and personally handmade/hand-altered clothing and accessories from around the world. Currently Jem has her own line of leather gloves, handmade jewelry, and remade (altered vintage) clothing.

Colombian-born actress Erika Marquez Leaked The Fappening naked sexy


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