Chinese actress and singer Yang Mi sex tape video leaked


Chinese actress and singer Yang Mi sex tape video leaked

Recently, a video of a woman being drug raped has been circulating on the web, and unfortunately, Chinese actress Yang Mi was speculated to be the woman in the video. Many netizens have discussed that the voice and the side profile of the woman bears resemblance to Yang Mi.

However, some netizens pointed that Yang Mi had given birth via caesarean section last year, and should have a scar on her tummy.

However, the woman in the video does not have any scar on her tummy. Also, the woman in the video has moles on her left collarbone and right chest, in which Yang Mi has none.

Yang Mi’s agency has since released a legal letter to dismiss the rumours. The statement said, “The reports are fabricated. They have damaged Yang Mi’s image and reputation, and cause trauma to her mentally. Please delete all fabricated reports and related video, otherwise we will take legal action.”
Meanwhile, Yang Mi’s father-in-law Lau Dan expressed support for her. He is very certain that the woman in the video is not her.“How can it be? Don’t you know many people have done plastic surgery to look like her?”

Asked if it was a deliberate publicity stunt, Lau Dan said, “How can anyone be so foolish to use such thing for publicity?”
Chinese actress and singer Yang Mi sex tape video leaked
[步兵] 最新門最近傳的沸沸揚揚的疑是楊冪醉灑迷奸視頻



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Yang Mi (born September 12, 1986) is a Chinese actress and singer. She is noted for her roles as Guo Xiang and Tang Xuejian respectively in the television series The Return of the Condor Heroes (2006) and Chinese Paladin 3 (2009). She has now gained even greater popularity from her breakthrough role as Luo Qingchuan in Palace (2011). Yang is also a student in Beijing Film Academy’s Performance Institute.


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