British Reality Star (Big Brother) Simone Reed See Through Sexy


British Reality Star (Big Brother) Simone Reed See Through

Simone Reed pictured falling out of the club after a heavy night on the town in her home town of Middlesbrough, 08/08/2017. Simone was wearing a see through top and very short skirt.

BIG Brother 2017 housemate Simone Reed stuffs a dripping takeaway kebab into her face on a night out as she scrambles for a scrap of fame following the end of the recent series.

The model and ex telly star may not have impressed viewers, but was clearly hoping to milk her 15 minutes in the spotlight as she let the meaty mess drip on herself and her see-through, lingerie-style dress.

Snappers caught Simone lingering in the kebab shop doorway, gobbling the fatty snack, as she struggled to balance in her sparkly silver heels.

No fork was evidently required, and neither was underwear, as Simone’s tight black mini-dress was partly sheer, revealing her nipples.

And after charging around the streets of her native Middlesborough with a pal, the brunette mum-of-three had been seen tumbling out of nightclub Valentinos, falling to the ground and grazing her knee.

Helped up by a pal, the hungry party girl stumbled directly to the nearest kebab shop which was when she went in for the kill.

Simone’s foodfest brings to mind the antics of former Big Brother contestant and avid sausage fan Lisa Appleton.

But if Simone is hoping for an equally long-lasting career in showbiz she’s doner be disappointed.

British Reality Star (Big Brother) Simone Reed See Through


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