British radio and TV presenter Kirsty Duffy Nude Leaked The Fappening


British radio and TV presenter (Channel 5’s The Wright Stuff), former estate agent and dancer Kirsty Duffy Nude Leaked The Fappening

Kirsty Duffy was born and raised in the UK and has called her youth as very active and playful. She, along with her two sisters and brother, spent most of her childhood on the move because her grandma enjoyed moving houses a lot. Kirsty talked openly about the friendly relationship she had with her grandmother and grandfather and said that they were a necessary part of her childhood.

She’s married to actor, Ben Richards (The Bill, Footballers Wives, Hollyoaks) and the pair have a daughter named Freja-Amelie. Ben and Kirsty met on the set of her TV show, and after dating for some time, Ben said to Duffy that he was unable to have kids after cancer. Luckily, they were able to conceive, and although Kirsty spent most of her time on bed rest due to a blood clot, she gave birth to a healthy child. The pair now lives together with Freja-Amelie in Hertfordshire, UK.

British radio and TV presenter Kirsty Duffy Nude Leaked The Fappening

After ending high school, Kirsty Duffy set out to be a stage performer, and she moved to London where she triumphantly played in the reality TV show, “Cruel Winter.”

Kirsty was lucky enough to find a person who supported and helped her find a new job as a TV presenter on a live English television show called “Most Haunted Live.”

Kirsty tinkered in Law but left after just 1 year in school. Duffy then relocated on to real estate and started to sell homes along with her companion at the time.

Her big luck came when she was picked as one of the television presenters for the UK hit Channel 5’s show, “The Wright Stuff.” And now Kirsty hosts a reality series named “Coast vs Country” and kills her time in travel. She talked about how hard it’s to be working far away from home.

She’s really the skilled singer but isn’t very interested in trying a music career in her life.

One of her favorite moments in her career was when she worked at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. She had the courage to host Taekwondo competitions and received the glass Olympic award as a cool memorial after the games.


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