American actress Jenny Lin nude from The Burning Dead (2015)


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American actress Jenny Lin topless from The Burning Dead (2015)

American actress Jenny Lin nude from The Burning Dead (2015)










American actress Jenny Lin sex from The Burning Dead (2015)

Jenny Lin is a professional actress, model, and social butterfly who lives in Los Angeles. A former Seattle Chinatown pageant winner, Jenny took a break from the entertainment industry to work in a Fortune 500 software and media company as a SQL Server database administrator.

After nearly a decade in the corporate world she proved that women could excel in a male-dominated industry and decided to seek the next challenge, which was a newfound passion for acting. Within the span of 3 months, she went to 33 auditions and got 6 roles. She did not tell the casting directors that she was still in the middle of taking two introductory-level acting classes.

She diligently recorded every audition and expenditure detail in a spreadsheet along with notes on what could be improved for the next audition. She volunteered for script readings, extra roles, HD video clip ads, psychology video podcast interviews and was even a coffee assistant for a casting director. By the end of the year, Jenny had already studied with 7 different acting teachers and discovered an innate, chameleon-like ability to play a variety of characters.

She was also the runner up for the Travel Channel reality show, ‘America’s Worst Driver’, placed top ten in various Hawaiian Tropic spokesmodel pageants, and landed a supporting role in a sci-fi feature film by Harwen productions titled, ‘Spaceship Terror’. Armed with a GPS navigator, Macbook, HD flip camcorder, Jenny relocated to Hollywood in 2010 to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.


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